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On our identity, we make you identify to those people who have made a new identity by winning all the difficulties. And of course your identity is equally important to us. For us ‘Trust’ is not just a word but our way of doing things. So at apnipehchaan.com you can rest assured about the security of your personal information. This Privacy Policy applies not only to your personal information but also to all types of documents and links related to this website. The right to add, remove and modify the stationery on this website is exclusively reserved by apnipehchaan.com. By using this website, you agree to and abide by all the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

Purpose and Scope
For apnipehchaan.com our readers and users are paramount and it is our duty to see that your personal information is not made public, but you also understand that we need it, because when any new information or changes related to the website Information may be given to you as well as your opinion may be sought to improve the website further.
Your information is also necessary because if kind of illegal activity against a particular person or law can be prevented from happening. We respect your desire for privacy and if you refuse to receive our emails, we will remove your name from the list so that you do not suffer.
Information collection and use
We require some personal information from you in order for every guest and member who visit apnipehchaan.com to fully enjoy this website and have a customized experience. You provide personal information to us and we keep them safe under the guidelines made by the Government of India regarding the Internet. Our rules are to strictly adhere to these guidelines: –
1. Your consent: We ensure that your consent is obtained before using your information in any way.
2. The privacy policy is updated as per the situation.
3. Not only are you notified of the renewal of the Privacy Policy, but you are also given the right to review it.
4. The statutory agreement is also renewed from time to time so that the policies of the Government of India are duly followed.
5. From time to time we also update our systems and procedures to comply with the policies of the Government.

Personal information of readers: –
At the time of registration process, we ask for this information from you: –
1. Name
2. Address (home address and country)
3. Age
4. Date of Birth
5. Gender
6. Phone Number
7. Email ID
8. Occupation
9. Photo
10. PIN Code
11. Your interest
12. IP Address

This is also necessary in order to provide you with the best customized experience of this website.

Voluntary information
This policy also covers information, you voluntarily provide to us, such as notifying us when you change your email or any necessary information about you in. Surveys and contests are also an interesting part of this website but in which you may have to share any additional information as per rules. Sometimes you may wish to contact us by email yourself, before it you may still have to provide some information.

Information regarding Membership:
Apart from this, there is also an option to subscribe to Apnipehchaan.com for which you will have to share some financial information like –
1. Credit/Debit Card Information
2. Bank Account Information
3. Online Wallet Information
Rest assured that your financial information will not be stored anywhere unless your permission. Only your name, address and the expiry date of the card will be kept in encrypted form with our trusted payment gateway service provider so that you do not face any problem in future.

Inspirational person’s information
On Apnipehchaan.com Our endeavor is to introduce you to the inspirational personality. We have copyright on the information related to the difficult struggles and protests that you had to face in your life. And its specific details are completely safe with us. We have the utmost respect for our Mr. and Mrs. and pledge to keep the information provided by them confidential. Strict action will be taken against those who illegally use the information of these specific citizens given on Apnipehchaan.com.
Your information partner
In order for the Apnipehchaan.com website to run smoothly and give you a seamless and customized experience, we have to share your information about –
1. Affiliate Organization
2. Service Provider
3. Business Partner
It’s important to share this information with them because they provide the services and to help us make the reading experience more enjoyable for you. Be it is data technology, operations or analytics, they help us efficiently. They are authorized to use your personal information only for providing the Services. But their privacy policy is different from ours and Apnipehchaan.com cannot be sure how accurate their policies are. That’s why we –
1. We take your consent to share your personal information for any services other than the services of this website.
2. We only share your information with third parties based on our Privacy Policy.
3. We do not sell your personal information to third parties under any circumstances.
4. We may give general public information to our business partners and advertisers without providing your personal information.
Apnipehchaan.com is aware of the sensitivity of your personal information and it is our duty to protect it completely.
apnipehchaan.com takes the help of third parties for analysis. Our third party is a reputable organization that does its work with diligence. The way you use the services provided by us is transferred to third parties. They then give us an analysis of how users are using our services, what they like or don’t like. And on that basis, we found a way to improve our website.
At Apnipehchaan.com we aim to provide the best experience to our readers. For this we have used both permanent and temporary cookies (these files contain some of your information such as username and password which is used to identify your computer when you use the Internet. HTTP Cookies It is used to identify specific users and make their internet experience more enjoyable.)
Temporary cookies are deleted from your computer at the same time you close your browser. If you turned off cookies, you may be denied access to certain features of the Site.
Apart from this, we use other technologies to further enhance your website experience. We share these technologies such as beacons and scripts with our partners, service providers and affiliates. These are used for site management, trend tracking, and location tracking. On the strength of these, we provide you the best experience every day.
Links to other websites
Our website may also contain links of other websites. You are also advised to check their privacy policy before joining these websites. We are not responsible for any illegal activity with your personal information through these websites. We humbly request, do not share any of your personal information with these websites without being satisfied with the privacy policy of these websites.
External widget
To make your experience even better, we on Apnipehchaan.com add other widgets like Twitter, Facebook and What’s app widgets so that you don’t have any problem while sharing this article with your friends on these websites. These widgets do not store your personal information as they are just widgets. Simply, they can collect your IP address. They operate under the privacy policy of their respective website.
Security of your information
We understand that the Internet is a medium where personal information can be misused at any time. Apnipehchaan.com uses industry best technologies and security measures for data collection, storage and technology so that your personal information such as username, password or financial information (if any) is not misused in any way. Your name and email address are only restricted to employees working only at apnipehchaan.com. And they are bound by the rule of confidentiality.
Your choice is more important for us:
Your choice is very important to us. If we use your personal information for any purpose other than those set forth in the Privacy Policy, we will first obtain your consent. If you do not want to read the newsletter and other messages sent by apnipehchaan.com from time to time, you can easily unsubscribe from the membership of this site.
Renewal or deletion of personal information
Notify us at any time when you wish to remove your personal information from Apnipehchaan.com and on your request we will let you know what information we have about you and that you can delete or renew it.
Investigation to illegal activity
Apnipehchaan.com website is a well-functioning website which is determined to provide clean inspirational entertainment to its readers. And in such a situation, if there is any illegal activity or work against the rules, then we are alert for that and are ready to take strict action against that person. For this, we have to give the name and email address of that person to our employees. But all this will be within the purview of our privacy policy.
The privacy policy of Apnipehchaan.com will be amendments from time to time based on the latest developments in technology. You can check it out and if you have any doubts you can contact us by email. Due to privacy policy, it is entirely your choice whether or not to use this website.

Contact us
At Apnipehchaan.com we try our best to make your experience more impressive. Introduce new stories and new people to you. We want Apnipehchaan.com to become your favorite magazine because of our articles and our policies. If you have any questions or doubts regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at support@apnipehchaan.com. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you.